Transfer Mode Rentals

In certain instances, the NFT asset must be present in the wallet upon connection. In this case, the transfer rental mode is offered, with the following details:

  • Asset Owner - can offer or list their NFTs to the marketplace as available for rental at a user defined terms, including rental rate, rental time period as well as collateral required. As long as the NFT is not being rented, the owner, can also de-list their NFTs from the marketplace.

  • Renter/Player - can choose to rent an available NFT from the marketplace and begin playing to earn. The collateral amount secures the return of the NFT to the asset owner.

  • Game or Asset Platforms - no action is required to recognize the rental as the NFT asset is transferred to the renter's wallet.

Some points relating this transfer rental function:

  • Upon listing, the NFT is sent from the asset owner's wallet to a marketplace escrow smart contract.

  • When a renter completes a rental transaction (which includes the prepayment of the full rental amount), net funds are disbursed to the asset owner and the NFT is transferred to the renter's wallet.

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