Introducing Rikkei Finance

Digital assets have emerged as a significant asset class; a result of technology's influence and catalyst for innovation in financial markets worldwide. As more people engage with this new asset class in their daily lives; whether through investing in cryptocurrencies, purchasing collectible or artwork Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or tokenizing existing real world assets, it further integrates digital assets with the fabric of traditional financial markets to yield the modern mosaic of finance.

Our Vision

It is our Rikkei Finance (RiFi) view that digital assets should be transactable like any traditional asset class and therefore our vision is to develop solutions that allow people to tap into the underlying value of these digital assets. The first part of our vision is our decentralized finance (DeFi) collateralized lending and borrowing protocol and the second part is our NFT marketplace; which focuses on two aspects of the NFT asset class - 1. NFT rentals and 2. NFT based lending and borrowing.

RiFi DeFi Lending & BorrowingRiFi NFT

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