Affiliate Partners

The most common questions about the Affiliate Partner Program.

1. What is the RiFi Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program was created to give every marketplace user the opportunity is given provided with an Affiliate Referral link. When other users sign up for their marketplace accounts via the link, the user is eligible to earn a commission from their rental transactions.

2. Can anyone join the Affiliate Program?

Yes, anyone can join the Affiliate Partner Program. Everyone with a marketplace user account is given a unique referral code link that can then be shared to their family, friends or greater network.

Referred users must use your referral link to connect their wallet and create the user account in order for you to receive credit.

3. How much can an affiliate get in commissions?

The base commission tier for an Affiliate Partner is 20% of the RiFi NFT rental transaction platform fee.

4. Is there any cost to becoming an affiliate?

There is no cost or commitment to become an Affiliate Partner.

5. Does RiFi NFT Marketplace have a report so affiliates can see how they doing?

Yes. Affiliates can view their commissions pipeline in the Affiliate Program tab of their user profile.

6. When do affiliates get paid?

Affiliate Partner commissions sweeps are conducted at the end of every month, based on the rental transactions completed within that calendar month. The commissions are then transferred to the Affiliate Partner's wallet within five (5) working days.

7. What form of payment will an affiliated person get?

Affiliate commissions are paid out in BNB.

8. Where can affiliates contact for further support?

Please send an email to with specific details for support. Otherwise, please join our Discord community and raise any questions or concerns.

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