You hereby acknowledge and accept that:

(i) The Seller may be required to conduct customer identification, due diligence and anti-money laundering due diligence on all purchasers of RIFI in compliance with all applicable laws and legislations. The Seller may determine, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary to obtain certain information about you in order to comply with these laws and legislations. You agree to provide such information to the Seller promptly upon request, and you acknowledge that the Seller may refuse to sell RIFI to you until you provide such requested information and the Seller has determined that it is permissible to sell you RIFI token under applicable law or regulation.

(ii) The Seller may at any point in time request information and/or documentation to establish that its identification records, as well as the information that form your profile, remain completely updated. In this respect, the Seller reserves the right to examine and check on a regular basis the validity and adequacy of your identification data and information maintained. For the avoidance of doubt, the Seller shall not be required to notify you of the outcome of any of its customer identification, due diligence and/or anti-money laundering due diligence checks, or in any case provide reasons for unsatisfactory results of checks.

(iii) If at any time the Seller becomes aware that reliable or adequate data and information are missing from your identity, the Seller reserves the right to take all necessary actions to collect the missing data and information (whether from you or from third parties) so as to update and complete your profile as necessary.

(iv) If you fail or refuse to submit, within a reasonable timeframe, the required data and identification information for the updating of your identity and, as a consequence, the Seller is unable to comply with any laws, legislations regulations or directives relating to customer identification requirements, the Seller will not be able to sell RIFI and/or continue its relationship with you, and the Seller may be required to submit a report of suspicious transactions/activities to the relevant authorities.

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