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Bridge $RIFI Between BSC and ETH

For detailed instruction, click here.

Token Listings

Official Contract Address

ETH: 0xc8ef1460277ea47d179dec66d1c5f8b7f7ae5a28
BSC: 0xe17fbdf671f3cce0f354cacbd27e03f4245a3ffe
Escrow (Collateralized) Rentals for BNB Chain: 0xc699ED0BbeDcB5B7771009bb7Bf3F9Ec97715AC7
Transfer (Non-Collateralized) Rentals for BNB Chain: 0xb4ccD21997c34bc4CBB45961faf8E64f75547351
Marketplace Account for BNB Chain: 0x429549006B7e16192d65Fb547c19460cFD1Aa791
There are inherent risks in blockchain technologies and transacting with digital assets. We encourage every user to conduct their own research and double check their transactions to avoid permanent and irreversible actions and outcomes.
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