Lending & Borrowing Services

Unless otherwise provided by RiFi, to lend and borrow currencies, you must understand and agree that:

(i) There are considerable risks involved in Lending & Borrowing Services, which include without limitation to risks of fluctuation of the borrowed Digital Assets’ value, derivative risks and technical risks. You shall carefully consider and exercise clear judgment to evaluate your financial situation and the aforesaid risks to make any decision on using Lending & Borrowing Services, and you shall be responsible for all losses arising therefrom;

(ii) you shall cooperate to provide the information and materials related to identity verification and Lending & Borrowing Services as required by RiFi, and be solely responsible for taking necessary security measures to protect the security of your RiFi Account and personal information;

(iii) you shall carefully read relevant Platform Rules before using Lending & Borrowing Services, and be aware of, understand and observe the specific information and rules regarding the operations of Lending & Borrowing Services, and you undertake that the use of the assets borrowed shall conform to requirements of these Terms and related laws and regulations;

(iv) RiFi has the full right to manage your RiFi Account and collateral during the period in which Lending & Borrowing Services are offered, and reserves the right, under the circumstances specified in these Terms, to implement various risk control measures, which include but are not limited to forced liquidation. Such steps may cause major losses to you and you shall be solely responsible for the outcomes of such measures;

(v) RiFi has the right to temporarily or permanently prohibit you from using Lending & Borrowing Services when it deems it necessary or reasonable, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, without liability of any kind to you.

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