Limitation of Services / Account Closure / Termination

We reserve the right, without notice and in our sole discretion, to terminate or suspend your access to or use of the Platform and any content and/or close your RiFi Account, at any time for any reason but in particular, if we suspect in our sole discretion that:

  • Your RiFi Account is being used for illegal activity;

  • You have concealed or provided false information;

  • You have engaged in fraudulent activity; and/or (iv) you have engaged in activity in violation of these Terms.

If the Platform is holding funds in your Account and has no record of your use of RiFi for five (5) years, we may be required, upon passage of applicable time periods, to report these funds as unclaimed property in accordance with the abandoned property and escheat laws. If this occurs, we will use reasonable efforts to give you written notice. If you fail to respond within seven business days or the period as required by Applicable Law, we may be required to deliver any such funds to the applicable jurisdiction as unclaimed property. We reserve the right to deduct a reasonable administrative fee from such unclaimed funds, as permitted by Applicable Law.

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