NFT Indexing

1. What is NFT Indexing?

NFT Indexing is a process that reads, recognizes, and displays asset owners' NFTs before listing them on the marketplace.

2. What do users need to prepare for NFT Indexing?

All users need for NFT Indexing are their smart contract addresses, which should already define the Token URI’s IPFS or API and most likely follows the JSON metadata standard.

3. Where would NFTs be displayed after listing them on the marketplace?

NFTs would show up in the "Other" section when applying the game filter.

4. Are there any fees to index NFTs on RiFi NFT?

No. There is no charge for NFT Indexing on the platform.

5. Can asset owners delete an NFT collection after indexing?

Yes. Asset owners can delete unnecessary NFT collections by clicking the "X" icon beside one collection's name.

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