NFT Rentals

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RiFi NFT brings the stakeholders of the GameFi or play to earn (P2E) ecosystem together to define and create new efficiencies not commonly offered by primary P2E market economies. By introducing rental functions, with their inherently different prices points, game economies are significantly impacted.

  • Renters - are offered lower priced options for entering and advancing in the P2E ecosystem, which significantly impacts the Return on Investment (ROI) issue.

  • Asset owners - are offered the opportunity to generate rental from assets which may be otherwise idle.

  • Game platforms - can stimulate game economies by introducing new players and allowing existing players additional opportunities to advance in the game.

RiFi NFT allows NFT asset owners to list their NFTs available for rent by renters. This marketplace works on a peer-to-peer basis (P2P). Currently, the marketplace has two P2P NFT rental modes:

  • Escrow Rental Mode (or Non-Collateralized Rental Mode) - As the NFT asset does not get transferred to the renter's wallet, the need for collateral to secure the rental return is not required. Instead, the rented NFT remains in "escrow" with the marketplace smart contract.

  • Transfer Rental Mode (or Collateralized Rental Mode) - As the NFT asset does get transferred to the renter's wallet, collateral is required to secure the rental return to the asset owner.

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